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CHINA WELDING(ISSN 1004-5341,CN23-1332/TG)initiated in 1992 and publishing around the world. It is administrated by China Machinery Industry Federation and sponsored by China Welding Association, Chinese Welding Society and Harbin Welding Institute. CHINA WELDING is the unique academic magazine on welding technique published in English language in China. It has been an important way for the international welding area to follow up the latest progress of welding technology in China, and it plays an irreplaceable role in the introduction and absorption of advanced international welding technology. It has been indexed in CA, AJ, CAS, JST and Scopus. Welcome contribution for welding related scholars.

CHINA WELDING publishes high level papers of latest theoretical researches and practical applications in welding and welding related areas, including academic and practical researches in new theories, technologies and methods of welding principle, welding material, welding procedure, welding equipment, measurement and control technology and cutting and spraying.